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"1915 is a powerful little experience that would make a great companion piece to Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old" - Alpha Beta Gamer


1915 is a short World War One narrative-driven experience that puts the player in the role of a spectral observer to the Battle of Loos of 1915. 

With the ability to time travel in this interactive museum of World War I trenches, the player encounters the authentic memoirs of soldiers and uncovers the unique stories of the Battle from those who fought in it.

Key Features:

  • Time-Travel: Observe the clash in attitudes of the soldiers before and after the Battle of Loos by time jumping between two time periods of the same trench
  • Historically-Authentic Design: The visual design of this game was based off of historical research into the battle of Loos, including real quotes from soldiers who fought/died during the engagement


1915 began as my University Honours Project which discussed how the medium of games can be used to convey the harsh reality of warfare over the glorification that we're so used to seeing within mainstream war games. I believed that setting the game within a battle as tragic and needless as Loos, as part of war as tragic and needless as World War One was the most appropriate way of portraying an unglamorous representation of war. 


10 - 20 Minutes

Xbox One/360 Controller Compatible

Windows Only

Please note that this is still in development. If you have feedback, find any bugs, or are just interested in  the game, please let us know in the comments below, or via social media @GregorSD!

A Game By:

Gregor Duddy - Designer

Luke Powell - Programmer

Finlay Macpherson - Sound Designer

Special Thanks:

Craft Studios - Art


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A beautiful experience.


Hey! Recorded a video of that epic visual novel! 


Hey nice video! Thanks for playing :) 



Hey! Great video mate! Thank you very much for playing :)


LOVED IT! Keep it up! Thank you for the experience, really hardly a challenge, but thank you!

Haha, great video guys! Really glad you enjoyed it :)


🎀 BLOODY WAR MEMOIRS | 1915 Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Awesome video man! Thank you so much for checking it out :)


Hey we've played your game and it's amazing!

Good job! Here's the gameplay

Great video guys! Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 


Amazing game, It was compelling!
Brain: Please just be happy


Curiosity is the key!

Save game would be an asset and very helpful in order to explore and having to leave the game in order to continue where the player left  off at.

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Started the game first and hitting the space key as suggested. Restarted the game and it was more Intriguing  and more  interesting to travel through  the right corridor first and continue on to the last room. You should only allow the player to explore to the last room of the corridor before allowing them to "PRESS THE SPACE KEY TO TRAVEL" before continuing into the game play . For example check out Dream of Me Demo. The player travels before getting to play in the game. This will get their curiosity up. I could not figure out to write you without posting here. Please feel free to contact me to delete this post if you cannot delete it and my suggestion helps your game performance. Spoiledsuezie7@gmail.com

Using PC windows 8 (only because I hate Windows 10 on my new laptop)..... So far screen option is difficult to toggle


Jokes aside, this is a impressive game well done! 

Haha, great video mate! I was cracking up the whole way through! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :) 


First of all, congrats on the graphics and like said before this WW1 games are a goldmine for me! nice work! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 


Hello! Thank you very much for checking out 1915! The GDWC contest looks cool, I'll investigate it soon :)

Good luck! 


Hey! I really liked your game. Thanks for making a game which gave a insite on what the people went through during ww1

Hey! Thank you very much for playing it! I believe that games can be one of the best mediums in portraying war from a more sombre and unconventional perspective, and 1915 is an attempt at just that! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Cool Graphics and Game is good and small :)

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Great video! Thank you for playing it! We hope you enjoyed it :)